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  abound in 充满,富有

  absence from 缺席

  access to 接近…

  account for 解释/占(%)

  accuse sb of sth 控告…

  acquaint sb with sth 使…熟悉

  add (up) to 加起来

  adhere to 用于正式场合:坚持、信守

  advocate for 提倡

  after all 毕竟

  alien to 对...陌生/不同

  a means of 一种手段

  approach to 靠近,处理

  appeal to sb 对...吸引,感染力

  appeal to sb for sth 呼吁,恳求

  appetite for 对…欲望

  apply for 申请

  apply to 应用于

  approach to sth 接近

  approve of 赞成

  apt to 易于

  acquaint sb with sth 使熟悉

  arrange for 安排

  arrive at 到达

  ascribe A to B = attribute A to B 把A归功于B 把...布置给

  associate ... with... 联系

  at great cost 代价沉重

  at large 在逃

  at one’s peril 自担风险

  at one's disposal 任由...处理

  at risk 有风险

  attest to sth 证明

  aversion to sb/sth 反感


  be adjacent to 邻近

  be adept at 擅长

  be accustomed to 习惯于

  be akin to 近似,类似于

  be ashamed of 耻于

  be capable of (doing) sth 能够

  be concerned with 关心/关注

  be cruicial to 对...很重要

  be discharged from 释放,解雇

  be engrossed in 全神贯注

  be grateful to 感激

  be interested in 对...感兴趣

  be invloved in 参与

  be labelled as 被称为

  be liable for 负有责任/有可能做...

  be notable for 因... 出名

  be responsible for... 为...负责

  be teeming with 充满

  blend in with 混合

  break a tie 打破僵局

  bring about 带来

  bring to fame 带来声望

  by accident 偶然的

  by chance 偶然

  by means of 通过


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